Matuvu Barocco - SOLD

German Riding Pony x Connemara Gelding 
Golden Rock x  Glenormiston Caoilinn (Castle Baron)
To mature approx 14.2 h, Grey 
DOB 25/9/2013

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Matuvu Barocco
Golden Rock Glenormiston Caoilinn


Our first Matuvu foal! He fully embodies our breeding philosophy : A Performance pony you can trust. He inherited his mums cool composure and his dads athletic genes. His movement has great suspension, elevated knee action from his dad with plenty of stride length from his mum. He will be free jumped this summer and I do expect to see great things! With strong jumping genes and love for jumping on both sides, this will be exciting. I`ll keep you posted...


golden rock german riding pony performance stallion

Sire :Golden Rock

German Riding Pony
Sire: HET Golden Dream
Dam: Beauty Queen

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dressage connemara mare sport

Dam: Glenormiston Caoilinn

Connemara pony
Sire: Castle Baron
Mare: Glenormiston Cornamona

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