November 2021

We have a little filly born last night : Matuvuu Arabelle!!
She is extremly pretty and elegant.
I can`t wait to see how she develops. Top show or dressage prospect ensured!

Cheraton Blue Label X Matuvu Pixie (by Power Boy)

October 2021

LH Della slowly coming back into work. She has matured so much and is looking beautiful.



LH Vienna and Louis practicing some higher jumps (1.35m oxer) at home


Matuvu Cookies N Cream and Chloe having a go at the 1.10m oxer!! What a ripper pony!

Our beautiful maiden mare Pixie is not far from foaling!! She is looking absolutely gorgeous. 

First pony club rally for Aylestone Park Juniper. She settled in well at the truck and in the lesson.

So wonderful to have a lesson again! Matuvu Noelle is coming along really nicely. She has such a willing nature and a very powerful hind engine.

She will put put in foal this season to Golden West.

September 2021

Aylestone Park Juniper

Trying to keep the riding going over winter has been very stop/start. Partly due to COVID and partly due to all the rain we`ve been having. 

Matuvu Noelle

Matuvu Cookies N Cream

LH Della and Matuvu Pixie in the background

LH Voltaren and LH Vienna

July 2021

Clipping time for the hairy ponies. 

June, Cookie and Noelle all got a clip today and are looking fabulous thanks to Tarwin Vet Group! 

Young ponies out and about. First time out for Matuvu Noelle and Louis (middle) and Aylestone Park Juniper (Left) and Chloe. Both were nervous leaving each other but coped with the jumping very bravely. Matuvu Cookies N Cream (right) with Jules showed off his experience gained last year and handled it like a pro. Onwards and upwards for these beautiful ponies! 

Thank you to Upper Beaconsfield pony club for organising this well run comp at Tonimbuk

First outing for Matuvu Noelle and Aylestone Park Juniper. Both did so well and showed us how
brave they are! 




June 2021

With the current competitions horses having a well deserved break, we have started to get the young ponies ready for some outings.
Louis on Matuvu Noelle (3 yrs old), Chloe on Aylestone Park Juniper (5yrs old) and Jules on Matuvu Cookies N Cream (4 yrs old).

May 2021


Last competition of the season at Boneo Monthly jumping event. 

Jules and Chloe both rode the 80 cm (Jules won this event) and the 90 cm and Louis rode the 100 and 110cm. This was the first time they tried the higher classes and all had rails but rode some really nice rounds. A great finish for the season!

Interschool Showjumping at Boneo.

All moved up one level and all went well!
Jules and Chloe rode in the 75-85 cm and both scored a 5th place whilst Louis upgraded to the 95-105cm and scored a 4th ribbon twice.

Beautiful photos by One eyed Frog Photography

April 2021

Langwarrin pony club Showjumping day.
All rode well in the open section and all came home with ribbons!

Chloe ( 6th) and Jules (2nd) in the open D grade and Louis (6th) in the open C grade. 

Two more competitions on the calendar before the horses, riders and groom are having a winter break.

We are lucky to have these beautiful pictures taken by Taylah Clark Photography!

Victorian Interschool Showjumping Championships at Werribee Park.

Jules and LH Voltaren coming 6th in the 80cm Primary school AM5, Chloe and Matuvu Cookies N Cream coming 10th in the 75cm Secondary school AM5 and Louis and LH Vienna came 13th in the Secondary school 90cm one round.
Pictures by Derek O`leary Photography


 Matuvu Noelle back from the team at Dean Grass Racing. Beautifully broken in and going well with Louis, Chloe and myself on board. 

First time out and about at Wandin Park. Always learning and adjusting where needed. Beautiful pictures provided by Tazzie Eggins Photography 

March 2021

At Sale Showjumping with the boys only as we had to scratch Cookie  last minute due to an allergic reaction ( which thankfully subsided such as quick as it appeared).

Jules and Voltaren stepping it up to 70 and 80cm whilst Louis and Vienna stepped up to the 90 and 100cm. Both scoring a 5th place ribbon! Nice to watch the progress as things are really coming together. 



I just love this video of Matuvu Noelle ( on the left) at the breakers. Thank you so much Dean Grass Racing for doing such an amazing job. We have picked her up yesterday, I rode at home in the round yard and she didn`t put a foot wrong. Great start!

It is good to look back to the start of this year when we first jumped at Cora Lynn. We were back there again this weekend and it feels all the work is starting to consolidate with all 3 horses. Feels great!

We`ve made some scary jumps with a brick wall pattern one side and a road on the other side. 
Aylestone Park Juniper wasn`t to fazed by our efforts!

Sale and District Showjumping Club on Saturday was a great event to get the horses used to a different atmosphere and jumps.

All did well with Voltaren showing off his no fuss attitude again by coming 3rd twice.

Cookie showed so much improvement since the start of the season and scored a 6th and 12th spot.

Vienna is getting more consistent  and very comfortable out competing, scoring a 10th  and 26th spot.

Aylestone Park Juniper has started her training and she is a very quick learner! 

Moomba Showjumping Championship was a great relaxed competition.
All 3 combination went great:

Louis and Vienna scoring an overall 4th in the D grade and winning the Grand Prix.

Chloe and Cookie scoring an overall 5th place in the E grade by coming 5th twice.
Jules and Voltaren were the Champions of the open E grade by coming 4th and 1st.

Beautiful photos provided by Samuel Noakes Photography

Welcome to the team Aylestone Park Juniper.

She is a 5yr old New Forest pony mare,13.3h
and beautifully bred by P. Prosser by her stallion Flindersea out of Erinskay Marielle. Thank you to Kelly for entrusting her to us. 


February 2021

Intershool Showjumping at Boneo. This time Jules and LH Voltaren came home with the ribbon!
LH Vienna coped well with the scary jumps whilst Cookie took a shy to one red `monster `jump.
I`ve painted one of our jumps at home to try and replicate this jump so hopefully he can build his confidence!  

Our 3 yr old filly Noelle ( Nemax x Castle Baron) is of to the breakers. She has matured nicely  and is looking gorgeous! Can`t wait to have her back home to ride in 4 weeks time.


January 2021


Cookie and Chloe are starting to get the hang of competition outings. Scoring a 2nd and 6th place at the WGZ PC SJ festival in the E grade. 

Thank you to Stratford Pony club for organising the Tetrathlon. We had a go at running, laser shooting, swimming and a showjump round with XC jumps in it. A lot of fun ! 

First XC event for our 4 yr old Cookie. Chloe rode him so well over all the scary jumps and finished 12th! What a great effort for this young pony and rider combination. 

Photo credit T.Eggins Photography

Photo credit T. Clark Photography

December 2020

Our beautiful Pixie is confirmed in foal to Cheraton Blue Label !!!

Photo provided by Cheraton Stud

First competition out and about at Cory Lynn Xmas SJ. Lots of things to learn but Jules rode some tight turns to win a ribbon in the 75 cm. Awesome start!


Beautiful pictures below by Tazzie Eggins Photography




Nemo left to his new home. He is such an easy going young pony with a bright future in dressage. We wish them both all the best!


November 2020

 Matuvu Nemo is getting started again under saddle. This 4 yr old gelding by Nemax is standing at 14.2 1/2 h and is going grey slowly. 
A very straight forward pony with a bright future ahead of him.  

Left  picture by E. Hill

Gradually getting these young horses and combinations out and about at local
Freshmens Showjumping events. We are so greatfull for these wonderful opportunities
to learn and adjust where needed.

Pictures by Taylah Clark Photography



October 2020

Our beautiful Mitrhil Riccadonna has been sold to a wonderful new home in NSW. She is such a gem and we wish the new family all the fun and joy that she has given us. 


Training day at Korumburra Show grounds. Louis with LH Vienna, Chloe on Matuvu Cookies N Cream and Jules on LH Voltaren. All 3 had a great start to jumping away from home. Louis was lucky enough to have a beautiful picture taken of  him and Vienna. (photo credit R. Walker)


September 2020

Coming back into work for Cookie with Chloe on board

LH Vienna and Louis getting on well together


August 2020

Matuvu Lucy in the Sky will be enjoying her time with the Hill Family for the next couple of years. We know she will be well looked after and hopefully can be that trusted quiet pony for her next rider. 

Winter fun : Jules with Voltaren, Chloe faving fun on Tiara and Louis is getting Vienna back into work. 

Lucy coming back home after a winter spell and getting back into shape.

This is her 3rd practise  after being broken into harness.

Such a quiet pony.

We made it home just before the storm hit!



July 2020

Noelle is growing up quickly, currently standing at 14.1h as near 3yr old. She got some extra care and training including a new hair cut ! 

So hard to take a nice clear picture of a near black pony. 



June 2020

Cookie and Chloe: start of great new partnership

A beautiful evening shot of Jules and Lucy riding bareback 


Truck upgrade! 

Now we can all go to competitions together.

(when they start up again)

 Matuvu Cookies N Cream is going great under saddle. He enjoyed 2 weeks at Hillview equestrian, getting ready for when competitions are back on. Thank you Emily Hill!


May 2020

With no competitions on the go, we have been busy with the new stable fit out.
Thanks to Hanley Welding, we now have 5 great looking stables!

April 2020


Chloe and Cookie in the round yard, coming along very nicely.

February 2020

Foster Ag Show : Fun for everyone ! Not only the horses came out winning ribbons

Louis and Chloe trying out  their jackets for the first time and Jules in the pony club ring looking smart as.

Louis and LH Voltaren winning the overall C grade Skye Park SJ series for the WGZ PC. 

Boneo Park interschool showjumping

Chloe and Mithril Riccadonna, one rail in both rounds and some very sharp turns

Louis and LH Voltaren, placing overall 7th

Photo credit both by One eyed frog photography

Matuvu Cookies & Cream starting under saddle, showing  his trainable nature. He will be one very athletic pony!

January 2020

Matuvu ponies out and about with their owners. So wonderful to see everyone having fun.
Well done to all!

Matuvu Barocco and his rider Lucy Nelson at Boneo, qualifying for state championships.

photo credit A. Leviston

Matuvu Possum Magic at her first competition at Boneo! A very relaxed pony. What a great team effort!

Photo credit and owner C. Nunn

Today we have decided to lease out Sianaide to the wonderful Habafield New forest pony stud.
There she will be bred to Ruth`s quality NF pony stallions.
We can`t wait to see what she will produce.

Before she left, we just had to ride her again as she is just a lot of fun!




Cookie is getting some more work and free jumping practise, showing off his abilities! 



 December 2019

Nemo is taking it all in with a quiet, trusting attitude.

November 2019

Nemo is starting his 3 yr old education :

Breaking in, rugs, washing and coming along 

for a truck ride with the others.

Horse truck got a make over with a wash, paint and some decals added!

Upper Beaconsfield SJ day at Ayr Hill

Louis and LH Voltaren coming first and fifth

Chloe and Mithril Riccadonna ending seventh

Jules and Matuvu Lucy ending second and sixth

Great team effort! 



October 2019

Warragul SJ day: a wet, cold day of jumping.
Despite the weather, some really good rounds from
all the kids

Louis and LH Voltaren in C grade came fifth twice

Chloe and Mithril Riccadonna in D grade came
sixth once

Jules and Matuvu Lucy in the sky came first and
second in the F grade claiming overall champion.

Ribbons for everyone at Hastings pony club Showjumping day. Plenty of scary jumps provided learning experiences for horse and rider.

Today we sold Rocky to a wonderful dressage home. He will be the new companion for a 16yr old upcoming dressage star.


Free jumping practise at home

River Valley Sianaide clearing 1.10m

Matuvu Cookies N Cream clearing 95cm

September 2019

LH Voltaren and Louis  on their first try of C grade PC SJ. Reserve Champion!  Mithril Riccadonna and Chloe on their first try of D grade PC SJ. Some nice rounds
Photos by Uniography  


Boneo Park Interschool SJ.

No ribbons, just a great experience

with lovely rounds

Lillico Pony club SJ Show Jumping. ( Beautiful photos by `Girl with a Lens`)


August 2019

Matuvu Lucy in the Sky (5 yr old) and Chloe practising at home

July 2019

Winter pictures
Rocky got clipped as just too woolly

Nemo and Sianaide

Pixie and Cookie


Beach riding fun!

After a well deserved break,
the ponies are back in work!
Scoring ribbons at a local gymkhana.

April 2019

Wonthaggi/Leongatha Riding club Dressage day

Another fun, relaxed day with some great proud moments and also a lot still to learn.

Placing 8th and 11th for an overall 7th place in the level 3. Very proud!


March 2019

Our First level 3 dressage competition at Won Wron. Overall 4th place in a very strong field. 



February 2019


Lucy and Louis in their first Horse Trials
In the level 5: best dressage, clear SJ and time penalties in the XC round as we trotted or stepped over logs, ending up in 4th position overall. Great team work!

December 2018

Matuvu Barocco`s first outing in style:
Winning the level 4 dressage comp.


November 2018

Louis and LH Voltaren at ISJ 
Chloe and Matuvu Lucy


Youngsters growing up


October 2018

We said farewell to Glenormiston Caoilinn this month. She has been the best confidence builder for myself, the kids or anyone else riding her. I know she will enjoy the next chaper of her life with her new owner.

CIPC SJ day.  LH Voltaren-Louis and Glenormiston Caoilinn- Chloe both bringing home some ribbons

Interschool SJ at Ayr Hill. First outing for Louis and LH Voltaren and a first ribbon too for Chloe and Glenormiston Caoilinn at an ISJ event

September 2018

Connemara Pony Show Case 

Fun for all 3 kids with plenty of ribbons for all!

West Gippsland Zone Games. Team effort to gain a 5th place!


July 2018

First time clipped.

Much needed judging by the amount of hair on the ground.


Thank you to Tarwin Vet clinic for this wonderful photo.


June 2018

Mithril Roman Holiday sold in foal to Power Boy. It has been a pleasure!

Caoilinn starting her ridden career again

April 2018




CIPC 3 day camp. We both had a ride on Rocky! 

March 2018


First outing for Lucy! At our local gymkhana, she entered some show classes, novelties ring and Show jumping ring. Having clear rounds in the SJ, becoming a pro at the bending race and mug race and winning a reserve champion ridden for ridden mount in the show ring. Great effort to pony and rider

A first outing also for Rocky in the Freshmans Showjumping. Looking very promising! 

Feb 2018

Little Missy has been sold to a wonderful new home! She has been so great to the kids and has given them the best start. Thank you Missy

Feb 2018

ACE foal Assessments
Another year, Assessments done and dusted with some great results and well behaved ponies. Matuvu Valencia scoring  74.75% and Matuvu Noelle earning a well deserved 77.5%. Great work! 


Jan 2018

Matuvu Lucy in the Sky
Broken in and going very nicely under saddle. Ridden by all 3 kids, started going to pony club rallies and taking it all in her stride



Dec 2017

Mithril Roman Holiday confirmed in foal to Power Boy! 

Sept 2017

Nemo (Nemax) and Cookie ( Hilkens Nougat Cream)

Gelded Yearlings